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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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Schilling is just.. wan, white bread, wishy washy. But not like any kind of amusing caricature of those qualities, REALLY those qualities. Also NOT a fan of grown women doing the little girl helpless voice.

Definitely agree with the "little girl helpless" voice/attitude, but again I think its a choice by the writers/director. It speaks to how she "got by" all these years, acting like a child instead of a grownup who takes control of her life. Someone who not only has convictions but who has the strength to stand by them.

But apologizing for unintended or thoughtless words / actions doesn't get you very far because its too easy, too often faked and therefore worthless as any kind of relationship currency, as Red pointed out to Piper early on.

In "polite" society we would just take Piper's apology and move on, dismissing her from our group as not worth the costs a high maintenance socialite like her requires... but Litchfield is not "polite society".

Thank God!

I liked the summer of orange video at the top of the page...
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