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Re: Favourite Trek Couple

KaraBear wrote: View Post
I can't believe anyone said Spok/Uhura
LOL you're late with the shock, I suggest you to never google them then
I've read that they're one of the most popular het ships of the franchise right now and judging by some stats (e.g., fan communities, fans and fanfictions) it might be quite true.

J. Allen wrote: View Post
It's a tie for me:

Sarek & the Lady Amanda - They just exude elegance, and class.

Spock & Uhura (NuTrek) - Because it's a relationship that is fresh, new, between two characters that I respect, and I'd like to see where it goes. Also, I think it's cute when they argue.
it's the only pairs that picked my interests.

though, I agree with:

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Nothing trashy about it. We can only hope that there will still be couples and love stories in the future . . . .

I have high hopes for Spock/Uhura, but since that relationship is still a work-in-progress, let's go for:

1) Trip and T'Pol. One of the better chemistry experiments between Trek regulars. They had a nice, prickly sexual tension thing going.

2) Spock and Zarabeth. Just a one-shot, but I still bought that relationship, and that Spock genuinely lost a shot at something precious there. (Plus, I just reread Ann Crispin's "Yesterday" novels, so I have Zarabeth on the brain.)

the chemistry was surely there
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