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Re: Novels with advertising?

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Has anybody ever come across Trek novels that included advertising?
I thought you meant the one-page ads for the Official Fan Club, or SF lit magazine subscriptions, or the novel backlist.

This happend to me only once and it was disgusting. It was a TNG Novel, where Data becomes human. In one chapter he uses the replicator to order soup. It went something like this:

Data ordered some hot soup from the replicator. - Interlude - While Data is getting something to eat, why not take a break and treat yourself to some nice hot 5-Minute Instant Soup (Insert your local brand of redicously overpriced instant garbage here)?
Sounds like a joke to me. I have read "Metamorphosis" twice, but a looooong time ago, and I can't say I remember such a scene.

It doesn't even sound like Jean Lorrah's sense of humour to me, although this novel did suffer through its problems with Richard Arnold - and I guess it's possible that it was an in-joke he didn't notice, and people forgot to remove... like the "R. Arnold" tombstone in a Peter David Comic Annual (DC Series I, #3).

"When the Elysian 'gods' made Data fully Human in 2365, Doctor Katherine Pulaski suggested that Data make soup his first meal, as to avoid overloading his virginal digestive system. When Data finally had a chance to peruse the replicator's soup menu, he was astounded at the variety of soups that humanoids could recognize." (TNG novel: Metamorphosis)
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