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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Quadrant. The north-west quadrant of the galaxy in 2-D maps of the Milky Way galaxy in the fictional Star Trek universe.
B is for Berengaria VII. There be dragons there.
C is for Ceti Alpha V. There was no need to go down to the planet. Dr Marcus should have just fired the Genesis Device at it and saved everyone alot of trouble.
D is for Denobulans. Generally mild-mannered and affable, but they had their moments.
E is for Earth. Nomad's launch point. Must ...sterylize.
F is for Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. There were about, oh, 150 in Jonathan Archer's time and the number grew to 285 by the era of Picard, Sisko and Janeway.
G is for Gav. Tellarite Ambassador.
H is for Hengist. The chief administrator of the capital city of planet Argelius and a native of Rigel IV. He might have been a human from Earth or his forebears were from Earth, but this was never stated on-screen.
I is for Iotian Gangster Rap.
J is for Jadzia Dax. My favorite reason for watching DS9.
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