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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

I dunno I kinda want Tara to just walk away - not go to prison, just take his kids and go. I don't think she made a conscious choice to be a criminal. If anything she was guilty of basically being too na´ve for a woman who's seen the kind of stuff she's seen. And that was a frickin' big cross. If anything, I think she was more worried Otto would try to stab her with it. But then again... she was like 'aww that's so sweet, he wants to remember his late wife. I hope Jax feels that way about me if and when I DIE..."

But the more I think about it, the more I THINK Jax is going to die "like... a lot." this season. Maybe not physically die, but I think more and more of the "I'm trying to go legit" Jax will give way to a Jax that is more like Clay than he ever wanted to be. This past episode, with the way Galen was taking the reigns of the gun deal even though Jax really was TRYING to be strong and say 'NO MORE GUNS' either he's going to a) cave in and just do business as usual. b) He's going to do something really fricking stupid and get the Irish mob on his ass and that's going to be the beginning of the end for SAMCRO

I do have to admit, I am kind of getting to enjoy Jimmy Smit's character a lot more than I thought I would. He seems like on the one hand, he's turning into a friend that he really doesn't mind dating his mom, and on the other, I think he's almost mentoring him to be a 'good' gangster somehow. It's weird really but I think it kinda works. Almost like he's grooming him subtly to be the kind of man that would look after his people, even if the club were to die, its members would still need protection and help. And he seems to be all about protecting who he has left.

The one character I DO see dying soonish - the lawyer. She's getting a lot of screen time, we're starting to give a shit about her. In Sutter-ese that means she's close to 'meeting the reaper'. Just sayin'.

Although I'm starting to question how effective Daniel Loque's character is going to be - sure he's stirring a lot of shit and he's putting worms in peoples ears, but I think once he either kills a Diosa escort or is found humping himself in the mirror by someone... everything he's ever said or done is going to go 'poof'.
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