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Re: First-person narratives

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I suppose, if you're writing an epistolary novel like Dracula., but that strikes me as off-putting and potentially confusing since the identity of "I" would be changing throughout the book.

Easier to just write "Kirk beamed down to the planet" than "I beamed down to the planet" and have to make it clear who "I" is in each scene.
Well like I said I am not saying first person isn't a challenge but when done right it can make for an interesting read.

I personally love when first person creates an unreliable narrative. You know just because the person is telling you "this is what is happening" doesn't make it the actual truth.

As for multiple first person narratives again I am certainly not saying it isn't challenging but it has been done. Of course you have to find a different voice for the different narrators but it's a fun way to tell a story from different perspectives.

Now I certainly wouldn't want to read only first person stories, but there are some really good ones out there.
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