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Re: Why does Scotty take Peter Preston to the bridge?

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A lame but practical rationalization: The turbolifts were at that point malfunctioning, and would later be taken offline. Scotty got sent to the bridge accidentally, or it was the closest he could get to sickbay.

A less lame, more dramatic rationalization: It was Peter's dying request to be taken to the bridge and/or to see the admiral. Scotty knew the kid didn't have a chance, so he fulfilled it.
If I remember correctly, this was explained this way in the novelization by Vonda McIntyre. (sp?) I don't think those books are considered canon, but that explanation works for me.
Iirc the novelization also explains that Peter was exposed to escaping coolant gasses which pretty much frakked up his lungs and that there wasn't much else McCoy could do.
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