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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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Exactly. Outside the comic book (which established the Narada had updated Borg tech on it) in the movie Nero was consistently shown as a blue collar "guy" and the Narada was just a mining ship from the future.

That mining ship steamrolled through entire entire armada without a scratch. Even though the thing was huge, it's still just a mining ship.
The problem is that it was not Nero's time to go back in time. That happened accidentally. If he really was hate-crazed against the Federation and intended to destroy Earth and Vulcan of the 24th century, he'd have to get past the 24th century Starfleet. And to do that, he'd need something more impressive than a "simple mining ship." It stands to reason Narada as seen in the movie is upgraded from its original configuration, although it is silly of the comic to say it was enhanced with Borg tech. Even sillier when said Borg tech asserts full control over the ship so it can go to the Delta Quadrant on a spiritual quest to find V'Ger...
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