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Re: Favourite Trek Couple

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that was somethign I always though was odd, and if I was Troi I'd be really pissed at Riker for. He broke up with her because his career was the most important thing to him. But then he turns down how many oportunities for advancement, so he broke up with her and then didn't persue his career, I'd be pissed at that
Lwaxana Troi blasted him for that in one episode. She said Riker was holding Troi back.

And I think Deanna subconsciously resented it --in Man Of The People, she bedded an officer and Riker walks in.

She was like, "yeah I was with him. I do things with other men. And it's really none of your business".

True, Riker never said anything first and she was under some alien influenced disease or something, but it came out really resentful like she always wanted to say that.
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