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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Nightcr4wler said:
thx for your advise, Melis. The only problem, is that win xp does't have the "Prevent MS-DOS based programs from detecting Windows" option under the advanced in the program tab. there is only a chckbox writen "hardware emulation... something". as i wrtote, i was able to bypass the files/buffers problem with dosbox, but still stuck with the cd-rom issue (can't ignore it. it's marked as red). i've read tips for instaling the game booting from a win95 bootdisk, but my computer is ntfs, so the bootdisk don't recognize my drives.
Anyway, i apreciate what you've done. If there's anyone who can help me please... i'm desperate...
I was so desperate once that i bought an old 486 so I can run the damn thing and it still gave me problems
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