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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

The text commentary for TFF explains TNG had had the TMP bridge stored outside and a tarp blew off, so it got rained on and ruined ... only structural elements and the helm/nav console got salvaged and reused.

I'm very happy with the TFF/TUC/EXC/E-B bridge, as I always hated the other one, especially those idiotic round displays. Even putting all of those casette tape box holder molds on the walls in TWOK to busy things up didn't help much, and the coloration was such that the actor complexions were rarely seen in a good light in 1-3.

Another way you could tell the TVH bridge was NOT EXCELSIOR was that it still had all the platforms, whereas the EXCELSIOR was a cheapo BUCK ROGERS season 2 like BRIDGE that looked like it could have been built in somebody's garage, w/o the elaborate levels.

The TVH bridge anticipates Abrams in a major way, as it delivers a glarey, godawful looking set that is not just hard on the eyes, but would be difficult to work in, between the brightness and the bit of smoke on the set. Yucch!
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