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Re: Most Upsetting Bond Movie Deaths (SPOILERS)

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Dear God, I don't feel as sorry for Onatopp as I do for her many unfortunate, innocent victims and her death was one of the more amusing examples of being hoisted by one's petard, however I did sense something unhappy and dysfunctional about her when Bond socialises with her at the casino.
I did have a hard time understanding how or why she put with Trevelyan and was hoping she'd crush him just as easily as she did her victims. Alec was bitter because of the way England treated his parents, sending them back to Russia after the war. But why would someone like Onatopp help him? I've never had the chance to read the Goldeneye novel. Does the book expand on her character at all? We know she was a fighter pilot in the former USSR. But what were her motives for aiding a terrorist?

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