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Re: Thoughts on Season 3

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La la la (*covers eyes*)...I've just finished "Unity." I'm not reading the comments above. But I will say I thought "Unity" was good and I'd love to see more like this. It would be neat if the Cooperative somehow turned into a new kind of Borg enemy, or if they became enemies of the Borg who come back in a later season in a surprise to help the VOY crew defeat the Borg in a critical episode. What I'd really like to see is the origin of the Borg. That would (potentially) be interesting.
What I loved about this episode is that it suggests that the Borg can be a social and cultural group that is independent of specific political goals (radical assimilation). I like the idea that there are different kinds of Borg: a diversity, which flies in the face of the Borg as cultural (and political and technological) assimilators.
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