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I can't speak for the quality of the game, but a GameSpot Editor did, giving it 9 out of 10. She also mentioned the rampant misogyny in the game (which sounds pretty hard to miss), and that brought on a torrent of abuse. Guess some GTA fans can't stand to have their favorite franchise criticized in any way. (I doubt that applies to you guys here!)
I don't think anybody agrees with the abuse she suffered from the immature elements of the gaming community (which is quite large, sadly) but I think that review missed the mark on its sexual commentary. Here's the relevant paragraph (emphasis mine):

Characters constantly spout lines that glorify male sexuality while demeaning women, and the billboards and radio stations of the world reinforce this misogyny, with ads that equate manhood with sleek sports cars while encouraging women to purchase a fragrance that will make them “smell like a bitch.” Yes, these are exaggerations of misogynistic undercurrents in our own society, but not satirical ones. With nothing in the narrative to underscore how insane and wrong this is, all the game does is reinforce and celebrate sexism. The beauty of cruising in the sun-kissed Los Santos hills while listening to “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood turns sour really quick when a voice comes on the radio that talks about using a woman as a urinal.
Anyone who plays a GTA game for more than a few minutes should have figured out that every advertisement on the radio is satirical. The games in general are highly satirical about American culture, particularly advertising. It's not subtle or highbrow, and it's often taken to offensive extremes, such as the ad for that encouraged people to throw babies into rivers. The fact that the reviewer didn't seem to get that really hurts her point.

The sad thing is that I think she could have actually made a solid case for the GTA games being somewhat sexist because of the lack of strong female roles in the games. Part of that is down to the games being set in the criminal underworld which is predominantly male, but there's still no Skylar Whites or Carmella Sopranos in the stories. Michael's wife Amanda is about as close as you get, but she's not really a character in her own right, she exists to help expand Mike's mid-life crisis. If the reviewer had kept to exploring those sorts of issues she could have made a decent argument, but instead she pursued a line of criticism that missed the mark.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Not to mention that areas in SA were locked until certain story points, which I think contributed to the feeling of it being larger, as the game gave you a roundabout path taking the long way around to Vegas until everything was unlocked. Once everything was unlocked, you could get from one end of the map to the other in about 2 minutes or less depending on the speed of the car and the roads taken.
Yeah, I remember you could drive from Las Venturas to Los Santos in about one minute on the highway in a decent car once that bridge unlocked. The smart thing about San Andreas' map was that there were very few direct routes like that, they put obstacles like mountains and rivers that roads had to go around, thus making the trips between cities feel longer. But that road between LV and LS broke the illusion of a massive world because it was a straight highway between two cities.

Davros wrote: View Post
In the driving around moments I find myself being far more nasty with Trevor than the other two characters. Has this happened with anybody else?
I have. I've also noticed that when I play as Trevor I tend to shy away from sports cars and prefer driving trucks because of the increased carnage they cause.

In general, I find myself role-playing more than in past games. When Franklin got a safehouse in Vinewood Hills, I went on the Vinewood tour bus and visited the Vinewood sign, almost as if I was acclimatising him to his new home.
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