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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Nah, I didn't take it that way at all.

Well knowing that, it does change my views of the finale (only that I took it as bittersweet rather than the feel good ending they intended).

I'm glad Don and Sloan appear to be getting close, I never cared for him with Maggie anyways...although the way Maggie acted last season, I never felt he should have been with her either. And speaking of Don, to agree with what someone said upthread, he's really turned into an interesting character since the show began. I'm also liking Jim more too, especially since he no longer appears to be the guy who is going to break up Don and Maggie (she did that all by herself), I do think the two will at least try to date in the near future. But for now I like Jim with that other reporter (who's name escapes me).

I also really enjoyed the Genoa storyline. Sure it was mostly fabricated, but that worked and made for some real drama since we had no idea how it would play out. Though based on the framing device in the first handful of episodes with everyone talking with the lawyers, I knew it wouldn't end well.
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