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Shopping for certain items is permitted under the Code of Guys(tm). Beer, for instance. Also bacon. And certain T-shirts.
Plus: It's not just about those items: If the "man-chair" (near the women's dressing rooms) comes with a TV and service (but not with a only one beer per customer-policy), you women are allowed to take us shopping in that store any time!
I think there should be such a chair for women aswell. I hate shopping with most people. I usually buy stuff without trying it on because I am always in a hurry.. But when I go shopping with some people they can stay in the same shop for 30 minutes.. just to browse.. I only do that in bookstores or dvd/cd stores. Or.. cake places.. At least I would do it in cake places if it was allowed. My girlishness pops out when I see souvenir shops though. And petshops.. I love petshops..
I am very girly about shopping, i'm just not that interested in clothes or shoes. Beer and a chair would be amazing when shopping with shoelovers.. If i got drunk enough I might even forget to lecture everyne about how bad high heels are for you.
I want beer and a chair to accompany me every time I am trapped with someone doing shopping.

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