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Re: TOS Caption Contest #277: That Which Captions

SULU: The survey is complete Captain. We were unable to find any alien women on this planet.
KIRK: Keep looking. I will finish my scavenger hunt!

SCOTTY: Is that a tricorder or a children's toy?
SPOCK: A children's toy, of course. It's baby's first tricorder. You couldn't tell by the plastic colorful buttons?
SCOTTY: Oh. I mean, yeah, I was just testing you.

KIRK: Wait, you mean that wasn't a hallucination caused by an all powerful entity?
SULU: Nope, that was just some guy.
KIRK: Crap.

KIRK: What the hell is this? It doesn't look like me.
SPOCK: No Captain. It's a mirror that reflects your innermost secret desires.
KIRK: Um. No it's not.

KIRK: ... ... ...
SPOCK: I'm sorry to interrupt your dramatic pause, captain, but the planet is about to explode.
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