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Re: The hate at "Genesis"

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TNG had some flaws but its message was not among them. It's a little sick that "Mankind may not be inherently violent, greedy and awful" is considered preachy and arrogant.
It's preachy when the end to violence means doing things like leaving your citizens at the mercy of your enemies (Fed colonists in the demilitarized zone), revealing military secrets to your enemies (namely the creation of a fed phasing cloak) or having to beg more violent races to do your fighting for you when violence actually becomes necesary (the dominion war). It's arrogant when your method of eliminating greed is eliminating money completely and creating a galactic nanny state. (We're taking away money and giving you replicators because we know what's best for you.)

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Things should at least make sense, be consistent and, well, not fall apart when thought about for more than a moment. I mean what if in an episode Picard just snapped his fingers, grew wings, and then started riding a magical pony through the galaxy. Hey, who cares as long as it entertains!
But that's our point. Every series of Trek has had episodes with situations that are just as stupid. Kirk and company confronted a solar-system sized amoeba. Ent-D had a baby. A runabout in DS9 got shrunk down to a christmas tree ornament. Janeway and paris turned into monitor lizards and had little monitor lizards. T'Pol turned into a drug addict by shooting up a molten alien alloy.

Gene Roddenberry once said "make it about the characters", and trek writers then and since have mostly taken that to mean "Hey, it really doesn't have to make sense. it's about the characters."

And if Picard grew wings and flew a magical pony around the galaxy i'd just call the kids from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon because that would make him Venger 2.0.

Being entertaining isn't a blank-check to do whatever the hell you want. You have to at least have it make sense and, ideally, an impact.
But making it about the characters is that blank check, as I've just described.

I'll accept a "virus" or other infection that can "de-evolve" people (or I guess more accurately mutate people into animals by scrambling DNA.) But it becomes harder and harder to accept it when you forget such an idea has consequences.

Which is this episode's biggest problem. It completely ignores the consequences this thing would have. Like I said up-thread there are civilians and children on the ship. De-evolved too. This de-evolution reduced the sizes of people's brains. Stuff you just don't "get back."
And it's not the first time trek characters have avoided serious consequences. Eliminating a consequence is the sole reason The Search For Spock was made!

But the biggest thing is the humor moment at the end of episode that completely shrugs away everything that happened. Beverly's reconstructive surgery, Worf and Riker killing people, that people ARE dead. That this incident must have had some impact on the children and civilians on the ship but, no, we just have a funny little laugh and forget about all of that.
Look, all you're doing is complaining about stuff that exists franchise-wide, not just in this episode. Once you realize that, you should easily be able to take the ep for what it is, a fun next generation horror movie.
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