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Re: Not real Star Trek

It has been said:

At this point I have given up hope of ever again seeing a Star Trek movie that does not offend me—one with a good plot, decent characterization, science that is not obtrusively horrible, etc. I have only one heartfelt plea left for you: Please, please, do not completely destroy the essence, the very soul, of Star Trek. Leave out the campiness, the bad taste, the repetitive plagiarism, the gimmicks, but mose especially leave out the excessive, genocidal, meaningless violence. Remember that there are more intelligent, inventive ways to deal with the "villains" of your movies than always blowing them up. Thank you.
You'd think it was written by a fan about Abrams and STiD.

It was not.

It was written by a fan back in 1983 to Harve Bennett about TWOK. Interstat, Issue 70: 1983

TWOK was a success when it was released in '82, but it was hardly overwhelmingly beloved by fandom. Sure, much of fandom loved TWOK. But there was a very loud and vocal minority who spent much time and energy denouncing TWOK, its creators and the fans who dared to call it 'real Star Trek':

I agree with [Ruth B] (I#62) when she says that everything that appears on the screen is "fact". Sure, there were a lot of glaring mistakes in ST II, I'll be the first to admit it, but the episodes had their faults too, some even worse than ST II's. Do we consign these to an alternate universe too, or label them as non-Trek? If we start doing that, then there must be some basis for judgment, and who would be the one to make that decision? Where would Trek begin and non-Trek end? Is AND THE CHILDREN SHALL LEAD or WHOM GODS DESTROY (two frequently criticized episodes) non-Trek? I feel ST:TWOK was superior to either of these two and yet the movie is called non-Trek. What does that make the episodes? I'm sorry, but I can't agree with the theory of what's Trek and what isn't, based on flaws and mistakes (which are inevitable). I guess my question is, if ST:TWOK wasn't Trek, what was it?
Fans wrestled with whether or not TWOK was canon and if it should be considered an alternate universe. At least we KNOW STiD is an alternate universe.

But it is good to know what is being said now by some in the fandom was also being said then and, ultimately, the cooler heads prevailed:

Thank you so much for putting into words what has been on my mind since the release of TWOK. I feel that
 fandom is more than spoiled. We are blind? blind to what STAR TREK really is. As Harlan Ellison once pointed out, we have taken a form of entertainment, a TV show, and made it more important than it was ever intended to be. We have raised it to the level or perfection. Each one of us has put so much of ourselves into our view of the STAR TREK universe that anything that does not agree with the view is immediately dismissed as bad Trek. Poor Gene Roddenberry, in producing ST:TMP he had to feed the needs of thousands of fans who had been dreaming and fantasizing their own individual STAR TREK universes for ten years. There was no way he could have pleased us all. Harve Bennett was in no better a position than Roddenberry. Bad press plagued him from the start. Now that TWOK is out some fans are upset because it did not live up to their own interpretations of STAR TREK. They accuse it of being a cheap movie made with no other purpose than to make a quick buck. Yes, TWOK was made to make money, so was ST:TMP, and so was the original STAR TREK series. We must keep in mind that that is all STAR TREK is, a form of entertainment, is long as we keep this in mind, and stop making more out of it than it really is, we will enjoy TWOK and the movies that will follow it.... I have been so disappointed at the back-biting and the narrow-mindedness of most fans I see in INTERSTAT. Fandom as a whole seems to have lost the fun and the friendliness I enjoyed so much when I was active in it five years ago. It seems to have lost the qualities that it loves so much in the series. If we cannot be open-minded to one another, how can we expect a future seen in STAR TREK? How can we criticize TWOK for its lack of ideology, when we are so cruel to each other? I am thankful to you for allowing me to express my opinion. INTERSTAT is a very important zine for just that reason.
Here's the link. Read it. All of it - the good and the bad.

Interstat, Issues 61-70: 1982 - 83

What has happened before is simply happening again...
Now that I've seen it, and have also had time to mellow, to really think about it, I now find it absolutely, unbearably repulsive in every way except for some of the acting. - about The Wrath of Khan. Interstat, Issue 62: 1982
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