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Re: In The Flesh: The Neutering of Specied 8472

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This episode always bothered me. Actually, I think it is the worst Voyager episode. Ruined Scorpion 1+2 for me. Now that I think of it, I'd rather watch Threshold than "In the Flesh". The Ultimate Xenophobic race, best friends of mankind in 40 minutes, thanks to Chakotay. Oh, dear.

Also, it's full of plot holes. WHY is the staging area there in the first place, THOUSANDS of lightyears from Earth? There are supposedly more of these domes, but this Boothby character happens to be the big leader who can stop every Sp8472? Quite a coincidence.

"These are the Voyages..." is a masterpiece compared to this drivel.

In the Flesh isn't the greatest episode, I'll grant you that but all they did was neuter some really cool bad guys. They didn't neuter an entire series!!
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