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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

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If I'm not mistaken, the episode doesn't outright state that the Voth evolved into sentient beings and developed space faring technology while they were still living on Earth. That was more of a supposition.

It's more likely that some advanced alien race, like the Preservers, saw the incoming cataclysm, or its immediate aftermath, and decided to relocate the ancestors of the Voth due to their potential.

My biggest pet peeve is that they claimed the Voth descended from Hadrosaurs, which were basically the cows of the Jurassic. They should have been descendants of a species like the Troodon, which was one of the smartest dinosaurs, apparently.
Well, Chuckles little speech would indicate differently.

CHAKOTAY: I see something very different, Minister. An ancient race of Saurians, probably the first intelligent life on Earth, surrounded by some of the most terrifying creatures that ever lived, and yet they thrived, developed language and culture and technology. And when the planet was threatened with disaster, they boldly launched themselves into space, crossed what must have seemed like unimaginable distances, facing the unknown every day. But somehow they stayed together, kept going, with the same courage that had served them before, until they reached this quadrant, where they laid the foundation of what has become the great Voth culture. Deny that past and you deny the struggle and achievements of your ancestors. Deny your origins on Earth, and you deny your true heritage.
Nice info there about the Dino's. I had to look them up. Makes sense to me.
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