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Re: What's in a name?

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But seriously, Starfleet (admiralty, ship personnel, Starfleet Academy) is mostly staffed by humans, with "aliens" being a clear minority. So it is only logical that in-universe Starfleet would name its vessels accordingly, chosing mostly earth-related names. Apparently humans are the main "operator" of Starfleet and possibly also driving force behind it.
Or many of the background characters we've seen are actually human-looking aliens (there are a lot of them out there).

Despite what we've seen on screen, I think that humans are actually a minority in Starfleet, after all there are 150 member worlds, plus many non-Federation citizens who choose to enrol (eg Worf and Nog), and not every human will want to go into Starfleet. On screen we've only seen a very small portion of a single ships crew complement, let alone the fleet as a whole.

That's how I choose to look upon things anyway.
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