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Re: Is this the Enterprise theme that could have been?

I get what you're saying, Christopher. But the lyrics weren't really the issue for me. I think what I liked about the theme songs for TNG, VOY and DS9 is that they could use a few notes or lines from the theme within the scores of individual episodes from time to time throughout each series to drive home an emotion or an idea, or even just a musical voice as we see a shot of the ship, or space station, or a Captain, or colleagues/friends in a touching moment. And for me, there was an emotional connection there to the theme songs in that way. They couldn't really do that with the "Faith" song without sounding like bad elevator music. It didn't lend itself well to orchestral scores. Archer's Theme on the other hand, that was nice and could be used (and was used) in the scores. The opening credits offers a whole minute at the beginning of each episode to help set the tone for the show. And I just think it would have been better to use Archer's Theme in the open to make the emotional connection to the theme even stronger. As far as TOS goes, Courage may have written a theme song in a '60s style, but it has proven to be a great theme for a variety of styles (not just the jazzy style of the show's open). They used the opening fanfare a lot throughout the series, and of course again in TNG. And the main part of the theme was used nicely in several of the films to set the tone for different scenes. And as we've seen with the JJ Abrams films, it has stood the test of time. "Faith" just doesn't have that flexibility. Archer's Theme does.

But, really as Yanks said, it's subjective. I seem to agree with most of what he said. And he said it in a much more articulate way than I could.
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