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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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I forgot about that one! And judging by those pipes carrying yellow-colored something close to the ceiling, it would almost imply a dual-core configuration! The larger tube closer to Kirk seems off center, directly under the one higher, smaller tube, implying that there may be a second larger tube, out-of-scene, or maybe that's the blue-colored tube in the lower-left-corner which was drawn as if it was transparent like all the others, although at a wonky angle. I'm really thinking that they believed there may have been two intermix chambers, even back then!
The two yellow tubes strike me as being similar to the two plasma conduits flanking the warp core in Star Trek First Contact. If anything, the twin impulse crystals on Excelsior in TUC are the best indication of twin cores, but this was after she was supposedly retrofitted with conventional warp drive.
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