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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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I for one one would love to see something after Voyager and if I may be so bold I would like to utter a suggestion.

It would be a lot of fun watching something with the Voth and Humans(for some reason when i say "humans" i think of Quark ). Maybe they could take the ST universe to the next level considering their technology and common ancestry with us. Since we now have been introduced to all the quadrants and their most important players it would be intriguing with some galaxy on galaxy action. I know there are many things to elaborate on within our galaxy, but I`m really really tired of the alpha/beta quadrants only. When watching DS9(for the second time) I found that there was way to little exploration of the gamma quadrant. Yes, we all know that DS9 was kind of bound to the emissary arch, but...
too little exploration of the Gamma Quadrant? Up until they were threatened by the dominion pretty much all they did was explore the Gamma Quadrant, and after that well would you keep exploring if a super powerful race said they would kill you if you went back into the Gamma Quadrant. Personally I think they went there TOO MUCH considering the threat of the Dominion
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