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Re: Is this the Enterprise theme that could have been?

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What always surprised me were the people who objected to "Faith of the Heart" because they insisted, "A Star Trek theme needs to be an orchestral piece, not a pop song!" They didn't seem to realize that the TOS theme was very much written in the popular song style of the day, a pastiche of "Beyond the Blue Horizon" with a bossa nova rhythm inspired by "Begin the Beguine." Not to mention that the main melodic line was sung by a soprano in the second- and third-season arrangements. And of course Roddenberry wrote (bad) lyrics for it so he could get royalties from the sheet-music sales.
This is purely a personal thing. Either you like it or you don't. What kind of music or when really is immaterial. The TOS theme was very "60's" for those around then. It's just the "Star Trek theme" for all us that weren't.

I didn't, because of the very reason you stated. I had just watched DS9 & Voyager when I first saw Enterprise and I was accustomed to the orchestral pieces. They were very much a part of "trek" for me and Enterprises' 'Faith of the Heart' didn't set well at all. I loved the video montage though.

The same was true for me the first time I saw ST09. For whatever reason, I didn't enjoy the music. Now I think it's one of the finest scores in trek movie history.

Now I've grown to like Faith of the Heart as well. (but I skipped it and cringed each time I watched Enterprise the first couple time I watched the series) I even know all the words!
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