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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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With the addition of David Gerrold as Show Runner, all script and creative decisions are going through David. There are currently plans for two episodes, one written by David, and another by DC Fontana. There are no Harry Mudd episodes planned and all previous discussions about scripts are no longer valid. David reads all submissions, and only people who have been working with Phase II in the past are being considered for writing and directing roles for the near future.

Part of what the new production team at Phase II is trying to do is have more consistent communication, a better post process to speed release of episodes, and a very clear creative process that David runs. James Cawley remains Executive Producer, but he has brought in David and I to work with Rob Mauro and the amazing crew we have, to raise the bar.

I will be picking up the drive with Kitumba on it Sunday and Mark Lewis, my post supervisor and I will start on it next week. We have use of one of the best sound stages in Hollywood to work on it.

Sounds great!

The only question I have, and I hope you can answer, is whether the new scripts you mentioned are for stories after "Bread and Savagery," and "The Holiest Thing," or if they'll be replacing those two episodes?
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