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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

I haven't read the book (Nor have I watched the movie yet), but, I was looking forward to this movie, way back when JMS wrote the script. Then, they decided to toss that script, because it was "Too close to the book, and not commercial enough". I kept thinking, with all the delays, the apparent watering down of the script, Production Budget over-runs, that this movie was going to be a complete disaster and bomb miserably. Apparently though, it made enough, that there is talk of a sequel. I wonder if it would've done as well if they had gone with JMS' script that was more true to the book, or if they made the right decision watering it down? Zombie movies, I don't believe, generally get anywhere near the budget this one had, because they don't get the kind of attendance needed to make a profit with a huge Budget like this.

So, although Book fans were disappointed, I do wonder if the movie would've done even worse, if they had stuck closer to the book and used JMS' script? Anyone know much about JMS' script that would care to comment on that?
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