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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

Just saw on DVD, fairly disappointed. Have read (and loved) the book, and am mid-way through a reread, and the movie doesn't even touch what the book had going on. Generic Zombie Movie X, and trades on the WWZ name to get attention.


Just none of the epic scope we could have had, completely different tone, just blah.

Only bits that were even recognizable were that a portion of Israel (vice the whole thing) was walled off (which i believe worked in the book, failed in the movie), and the "10th Man" plan for how Israel discovers the virus. And it both, North Korea does something odd (completely vanishes in the book, everyone pulls all their teeth in movie).

Was hoping for more, I guess.

There wasn't a WAR. Couple isolated (and repeated) action scenes, but no sense of long struggle. And they bailed out in what would have been about the 1/4 mark in the book, so they didn't even really get into how bad things would get, fighting back, turning it around, eventual conquest over the problem. Just mindless action a couple times, magic handwaving for why you won't get bitten, and 'we fought back' montage at the end. Of course, now everyone's infected with a fatal disease instead, but hey, no bites? How often do they need to try and cure the disease (not sure which one they picked), and then reinfect? See if that leaves people damaged or too weak to fight back, and of course does nothing against the billions of zombies already out there, just prevents most new cases...
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