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Re: Orci strikes back

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Orci can respond, of course. However, he ought not be surprised or offended by criticism from dedicated fandom. He would need to anticipate the same hesitation and suspicion if he were reimagining Shakespeare or Wagner, two other areas in which there is a built in and very opinionated audience. Added to that is the lore of fan involvement in making Trek a franchise with a long life. Saying that he is approaching things de novo--which is highly debateable--won't win his critics over.
Orci should have to put up with some criticism after all he can dish it out. But he doesn't have to put up with verbal abuse or personal attacks if thats what was happening.
he should be as protected from personal attacks as we are here on this or any other well moderated board.

A celebrity in my country nearly took desperate measures when she was constantly attacked on her (I think) twitter account. People were telling her to kill herself and to die when she hadn't done anything criminally or morally wrong. Just (perhaps foolishly) revealed too much of her inner self.

And now Orci doesn't have to put up with it as he is no longer interacting with the fans. Who suffers now - not him. The people who were enjoying the tweets and posts.
I never said, implicitly or explicitly, that Orci must live with death threats. Suggesting otherwise is a gross exaggeration.
No I wasn't saying he even had death threats or even close (at least I hope not). My example was what happen to one celebrity when her fans/anti-fans got out of hand.

I didn't mean to say or imply that anyone here would sanction that sort of behaviour. I apologise if anyone took it that way - it was not my intention.
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