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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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@Praetor - type in into and it'll translate to english for you. Works reasonably well.
I was going to do that or peruse in Chrome, I was mostly being melodramatic. I really did make an abortive attempt to learn Japanese. Thanks, though.

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I've been thinking that since the Excelsior has a vertical intermix shaft/core similar to the Enterprise that the Transwarp drive is a bulky, primitive, add-on drive like how we see in Voyager's "Threshold" and when they steal a Transwarp Coil from the Borg (which are more compact and refined). The Excelsior runs up to her top warp speed and then engages the Transwarp Engine to take her up into the Transwarp speed regime. You could then turn the "hump" into the Transwarp component sorta like having a supercharger on an engine. That way you get to keep the vertical core/shaft and leverage the hump.

Of course later on they add phasers to that hump IIRC in "Paradise Lost".
You do indeed recall correctly.

It's a very interesting idea... and a combination EPS manifold/"supercharger" would make a great deal of sense of the location, and God help me, evoke the NX-01 "plasma accelerator" thing in a way that seems plausible for a new, fancy shmancy drive. I'd still like to keep the antimatter there if at al possible, to avoid putting it above the deflector alcove. Does anyone else have any strong feelings on that?

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I gave my Blu-rays a spin last night to check out some of the Excelsior footage.

In ST III they really avoided showing any vertical intermix element in the Scotty-Styles "Good night and up your shaft" scene.

While this could have been deliberate to avoid confusion with the engine room of the Enterprise, the back wall looks so vastly different from what we had seen in TMP and ST II (sufficient distinction, IMHO) that just showing any vertical intermix shaft element might have been something they tried to avoid.

Did the whole set still exist by the time of ST III or had they just used some leftover elements for Excelsior's engine room?

It's always been my conclusion that they probably were trying to avoid confusion AND do the scene on the cheap. I always thought they used the upper level for that scene, but perhaps they just put up a fake wall? It does certainly leave things nicely ambiguous.

So the real question is, what le-le-level are they on?
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