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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

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For what it's worth, Star Trek: Generations established that 78 years transpired between the maiden voyage of the Enterprise-B (2293) and the final voyage of the Enterprise-D (2371).
That's something else I've never fully understood. Why does the beginning of GEN have to take place in the same year as TUC? It would make more sense if it was a year or two later, as TUC ends with the Enterprise-A being decommisioned, and GEN begins with Enterprise-B ready to launch.
Actually, I do think it makes perfect sense for the decommissioning of the Enterprise-A and the commissioning of the Enterprise-B to take place in the same year, especially from a Starfleet P.R. standpoint. I believe the Enterprise-B was in the final stages of her construction at the time of Star Trek VI and that it was planned long ago that she was going to replace the Enterprise-A.
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