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Re: "Even the Lies?" "Especially the Lies"

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In this thread alone, R. Star, JarodRussell & co are pretty much there with their ~'good and evil are mere points of view'.
I don't entirely disagree with them. To argue otherwise assumes some universal morality, and that's a difficult case to make. I won't argue it doesn't exist, but I'm not willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, either.

I do think some things are clearly good and others are clearly evil, but there's plenty of room in between; and it's difficult for anyone to define "clearly" outside of their own cultural context, which is kind of the point.

At best, you could define "good" and "evil" in terms of those social norms common to the entire human race. Our cultural diversity makes even identifying those tricky, but it's theoretically possible.
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