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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

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I don't buy it because how could we have all those fossils and not a single shred of evidence that they had a civilization or spaceflight?
As they pointed out in the episode it`s been so long since they evolved that meteors, volcanic eruptions, erosion etc. have buried all traces far beneath the earths surface. Though I agree the likelihood is decimal.

Voth seems like someone who evolved from a long line of monarch-ish persons who may have obtained power legimentantly
Yes, that`s true and to draw parallels to our own history things like the French revolution could have been put down before it gained any ground and we would still have the totalitarian monarchy they had.

BUT to get to that point it's been shown that there have been some very HARD times that have been overcome.
Yeah, things like the war against genetically enhanced humans mentioned in DS9. Sadly it seems the human race have to face some pretty awful situations to gain any ground in that aspect. Sadly we tend to forget our history and from time to time and revert back to our past mistakes, but in the long run the trend of gaining a better understanding and tolerance towards difference have improved.
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