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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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[How exactly are they treating Trek like 'crap'? By spending a ton of money to make a fun and exciting movie that most people enjoy?
By doing things like taking all the bonus features that were created for STID and splitting them up as retailer exclusives. Sure you can say that you probably don't give a crap about bonus features, but that still doesn't account for the lack of an Imax version of the film that other studios who have made films short partially in Imax have released. Also the fact that they're still doing nothing to make the original Star Trek films look the best they possibly could. The Director's Edition of TMP, TWOK and TUC (All three films have three unique versions) are no where to be seen and the picture quality is still crap even on the TWOK that they even marketed as getting restored. The menus were all generic, copy-paste material with only the soundtrack being the main difference (At least the James Bond BluRays have footage of the said Bond film playing in the background).

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox is re-releasing films like Patton, The French Connection and Predator on BluRay to address the criticisms that were specifically made towards the quality of their original releases (Or in Predator's case, re-release), while Paramount is just sitting on their Star Trek library and coming up with ways to make more money without putting much effort into making an overall high quality product.

We know they're capable of making a great product because they've done it before. Trek09, despite not liking the JJ films is still one of the best disc releases a Star Trek movie has ever had. During the heyday of the DVD format, the original 10 movies got quality treatment when they released each film as a collector's edition, giving us alternate versions of the film, newly recorded commentary tracks by those involved in making the films (Not fan commentary tracks they did for the BluRays). They even had disc art on the actual discs before they dropped it in favor of generic gray/blue backgrounds that we now have today.

The only studio that's putting a lot of care and effort into creating a great Star Trek product is CBS, who recently announced that they would be handling all the remaining seasons of TNG in-house due to criticisms of seasons 2 and 4 being subpar to the quality thanks to them being outsourced to other studios. When there were mistakes in the audio for Season 1, CBS not only sent four out of the originally announced three BluRay discs that were known to have problems, (Fourth disc correcting a missing phaser blast in "Heart of Glory"), they even included a post card with the pencil sketched artwork of the Officer's Lounge as seen in the opening title sequence.

Paramount shouldn't be treating their films, nor their loyal money spending fans like this.
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