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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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We saw Yeoman Rand have her own quarters in "Charlie X". We did not see any other yeoman quarters during TOS, AFAIK. TUC shows crew bunk beds and "Flashback" showed the Excelsior also using bunk beds.
Yeoman Rand had a special and privileged status acting as the captain's secretary, maid and else. In "Charlie X" she's apparently working on a report and given occasional "captain's-eyes-only" reports she needs to have a private cabin in contrast to other crew members.
Yeah, the Captain's Yeoman would likely have her own private quarters compared to the other Yeomans.

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Of course and one of the reasons IMO that the Constitutions didn't continue on was simply lack of cargo space compared to the Reliant's and Constellations. The engineering hull simply wasn't big enough.
Considering the space aboard Enterprise now devoted to freight in the engineering hull in TMP I'm unable to follow here.
I've been studying volume between the three ships and will post up a graphic this evening. Basically the thinking was how upgradeable would the ship be if future engineering equipment needed more space? The Enterprise would be trading it's cargo space for engineering space and she has alot less of it due to the shape of the engineering hull.

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The piping has to connect to the vertical shaft somewhere in the engine room.
I'd say that's inconclusive. Reliant's impulse deflection crystal had been destroyed so it stands to reason than any vertical intermix shaft leading up there was shut and/or sealed off.
What we saw later could have just been a vertical shaft next to / extending from the port nacelle (i.e, there's one port and starboard).
My reply is questioning Crazie Eddie's assertion that horizontal power conduits ("piping") would not have to go through the engine room. We know that to run the power to the nacelles you need to connect to the vertical shaft in the engine room at least one horizontal shaft to lead off to the nacelles so the piping must be present in the engine room. It has nothing to do with the impulse deflection crystal.

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We do have a scene in TSFS where we catch the edge of a vertical intermix shaft so it's likely going to resemble the Enterprise's engineering.
We barely catch this edge on the left side of the frame .
We catch enough to see the edge of the connecting ring (bottom left) and the edge of one of the "blades" that make up a section of the intermix shaft.

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What we do see is a crewman standing at a console next to a wall which could indicate a desire not to reveal the shaft (or does it just shield the main energizer room ST II from curious eyes?) There is some kind of cylindrical object in front of him (apparently a segment of the intermix shaft) that could equally pass for a TOS engine room floor casing containing the dilithium crystal converter assembly.
The absence of illumination from the shaft that's supposed to be there could suggest something different. Even if the system was offline there should be bluish illumination somehow according to ST II.
Having a system offline would be different than having it shutoff and cold. In TWOK, offline was not having the ability to use the energizers to power stuff but the main reactor was still on. Excelsior's main reactor appears to have been turned off for whatever reason at the time Scotty is walking out.
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