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Re: What's in a name?

Something that occurred to me a few years ago: while we like naming our ships after great battles (Yorktown, Lexington), it's probably a bad idea to use those names on ships of exploration and first contact.

Imagine meeting a civilization for the first time. They ask you casually what the name of your ship means in your language. "Uh. Well, it's named after a great battle in a war of revolution."

"Our people are repulsed by war. Please leave. Never come back."

"But we're peaceful now."

"Then why name your ship after a treasonous battle?"


"No really, go. If you're not out of the system in an hour, we'll kill you. that's how we deal with people who make war. We kill them. I know it seems contradictory, but it's cleaned up the neighborhood. Out with you!"
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