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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

It's very likely the Voth race have a very long wake of a condition steming from the Sin of Hubris. That is to say, like many civilizations (and arguably like ours is currently experiencing), TPTB often make decisions with the intent to do whats best for they feel is best for the population and fall down a very slippery slope lining themselves up for corruption.

The path to hell, afterall, is pathed with good intentions.

After a fashion, the leader of the Voth seems like someone who evolved from a long line of monarch-ish persons who may have obtained power legimentantly, used power intelligently with the best intentions with the best of intentions and then became corrupted over time and then held onto via that corruption through laws of attrition.

Its not like the Earth hasn't seen this over and over and over and over again =(.
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