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The episode "Distant Origin"

Hello everyone

I`m in the middle of my second viewing of Voyager. I just saw the episode "Distant Origin" and I found it very intriguing. The notion that there was another intelligent being evolving on earth is a very fun notion. Though it`s probably not likely(I say that with the deepest humility because of our limited knowledge) it`s still a fascinating thought. What i found annoying though is the fact that they seemed less "evolved" then us at least on a social pov. what I mean is that the Voyager crew are portrayed as having superior values and a superior moral compass.

When that's said I would love to see a series elaborating on this. For example imagine them sending an envoy to earth on a diplomatic mission to share knowledge and technology. With their propulsion systems etc. we could see a new era in Star Trek with humans possibly moving outside our galaxy. I think it would make a great show compared to some of the recent ideas in the Star Trek Universe(If you get my drift). I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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