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Re: Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed - Dec. 2014?

This novel is sounding very cool... Covert ops in the Star Trek universe are a compelling combination, all the way back to 'The Enterprise Incident'....

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Also, colour me amazed that the Mission Impossible movie series didn't spawn a tie-in book series for the franchise in some form. I'd have thought it was a no-brainer for Pocket...
O/T for a moment... Actually, it did, kinda. As well as publishing a novelization of the 1996 movie, Pocket solicited two original tie-ins - The Aztec Imperative by James Luceno and The Doomsday Summit (possibly retitled Ring of Fire) by Tom Philbin but I don't think they were ever actually produced. There was also a single issue of an M:I comic published by Marvel's Paramount Comics imprint around the same time.
But you're right, it would be a neat tie-in franchise...
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