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Re: "Even the Lies?" "Especially the Lies"

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Few people universally accepted to be evil, actually believe they're evil and doing wrong after all.
Irrelevant. A person can be evil, whether or not they think they are.
I share that opinion. I should hope most people do. But it's still an opinion.
Post-modernist non-sense.

Any moral code must have as raison d'etre 'the most happiness for the most people'. This is a necessary condition for any moral code worth this name (but not sufficient for some which invoke other objectives).

Based on this, objective (aka the same for all rational actors) moral rules can be and are derived.
Meaning, good and evil are most definitely NOT an opinion.

PS - Do tell, R. Star, JarodRussell& co, when was all this post-modernist non-sense ever helpful?
BTW, making humanities departments staff at universities delude themselves that they're cool, sophisticated and fair by indulging in white guilt and disparaging western civilisation is not even close to any relevant definition of the notion 'helpful'.

PS2 - R. Star, you really shouldn't take your moral and life philosophy cues from an, at best, mediocrely plotted Star Wars movie.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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