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Re: New ST reader saying hello!

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I've heard that Vanguard might have some relevancy to some of the Typhon Pact stuff, so I was thinking of making sure to read that series before TP. Maybe some folks here could give some non-spoilery advisement on that.

To a certain extent, yes, with respect to the Typhon pact novel Paths of Disharmony. But not so much that you absolutely definitely positively have to read Vanguard first. Paths will give you what you need to know when you need to know it. On the other hand, Vanguard is generally considered one of the best Lit series of the lot, so you may want to just read them anyway for their own sake.

Slyvon wrote: View Post
In regards to the DS9, did you read them all or stop at Warpath? The last two, Fearful Symmetry and The Soul Key, sound like they take place in the mirror universe and I'd probably prefer to skip those if thats the case.

They don't take place entirely in the MU, but they do use the MU as a location. You shouldn't skip them as they conclude the 'arc' begun with Fragments and Omens, Olympus Descending and Warpath. They are definitely a necessary part of the DS9-R storyline.

Unfortunately it's after them that the DS9-R "break" happens, picking up again only with the Typhon Pact books set several years after.

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