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Re: Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed - Dec. 2014?

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^To be honest, though, The Good That Men Do notwithstanding, I do NOT see how an organization-wide collapse of something like The Bureau would be particularly believable or realistic. To paraphrase Michael Crichton, The Bureau has survived everything, in its time--it will surely survive Bashir...
"Pride goeth before a fall."

The original Star Trek: Section 31 miniseries twelve years ago went to quite a bit of trouble to end with each captain learning of Section 31's existence and vowing to bring it down, and Section 31: Abyss established the continued existence in 2376 of the anti-Thirty-One cabal Kirk established in 2268 at the end of Section 31: Cloak.

If we see the final fall of Section 31, I suspect the Kirk Cabal will come into play, not just Bashir.

BTW--take what I say below with however much salt you must, as I'm currently waiting for my copy of the latest DS9 book to come in, but...I'm still of the firm belief that--

You just want Julian and Ezri to get back together.
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