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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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In Conversation: The Klingons (HD)
What He Left Behind: The Roddenberry Legacy (HD)

These are both totally wrong.

Not sure where you got your audio commentary list from, but that is also incomplete.
Hmm. Well, my audio commentary list is necessarily incomplete because I'm only going by what was mentioned in tweets by Morgan Gendel and Robert Meyer Burnett. It wasn't meant to be comprehensive. But I'm glad to hear there are more that haven't been revealed! Very, very glad! As for the docs you say are completely wrong, both and claim they got the info straight from CBS in their respective articles.

That said, I certainly trust the info you have in your possession more than either of those two sites. Someone must be feeding them outdated info. In any case, looking forward to your complete bonus feature breakdown! I was expecting CBS to let you run the full press release about two weeks ago. I guess they weren't quite ready to share that as early as last time.
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