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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 82; Out of Luck

Kira: You missed our exit.
Sisko: No, the Chief rightly intuited I wanted to check out the area ahead before doubling back.
Kira: Male humanoids are all the same.
O'Brien: We share an unspoken spatial awareness. It's a scientific fact.
Kira: By a study conducted by a male humanoid, no doubt.
O'Brien: You can't rule on a scientific fact. It's a fact.
Kira: You missed another exit.
Sisko: Good thinking, Chief.

Worf: A Japanese mother and Irish father? I guess that makes him...
O'Brien: Let me save you some time. "Blended."
Worf: I was going to say 'fortunate both parents are alive, unlike my son.'
O'Brien: Oh no you weren't, you bloody comedian.

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