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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

@Praetor - type in into and it'll translate to english for you. Works reasonably well.

I've been thinking that since the Excelsior has a vertical intermix shaft/core similar to the Enterprise that the Transwarp drive is a bulky, primitive, add-on drive like how we see in Voyager's "Threshold" and when they steal a Transwarp Coil from the Borg (which are more compact and refined). The Excelsior runs up to her top warp speed and then engages the Transwarp Engine to take her up into the Transwarp speed regime. You could then turn the "hump" into the Transwarp component sorta like having a supercharger on an engine. That way you get to keep the vertical core/shaft and leverage the hump.

Of course later on they add phasers to that hump IIRC in "Paradise Lost".
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