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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

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...already was?

Don't get me wrong, it is my favorite TNG episode ever. Fantastic episode!

But I was thinking, what if they revealed one of the captains of those Klingon Bird of Preys attacking the Enterprise D and C to be Worf? I think it would've made the episode more dramatic than it already was.

What would you have thought of this?
Well, it probably would have kept them from doing that very same thing with Worf years later on DS9 when he is on a big klingon cruiser attacking DS9 in the mirror universe.

The way to improve YE is to do a whole season on that ship. Get to watch it get gradually trashed, since I assume the holodeck and replication would be luxuries in a time of crisis and limited power.
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