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Re: JK Rowling to revisit Harry Potter-verse for new movie series

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You know, I've never seen "Citizen Kane" because somebody ruined the ending for me.
Rosebud is merely a framing device for the larger story of Kane's life as a yellow journalist (a thinly veiled Hearst clone). It's really only important insofar as it's the reason for the reporter to go around asking all these questions about the recently deceased Kane, since his last words were a mystery to all of his close friends. In the end, the reporter never even finds out why Kane's last word was Rosebud (it's only seen as a closing shot of the sled as it's burned with the rest of Kane's worthless belongings).

Strangely enough, a major plothole in Citizen Kane is that no one is in the room when Kane dies to even hear him say "rosebud"!
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