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Re: Archer, T'Pol, or Trip?

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I had to vote for Trip because you didn't include Malcolm, or 'other'! Of course Malcolm is my favorite character! Gaah! In retrospect, I wish T'Pol had left after "Broken Bow"!

Serit!!! You've got it wrong, Malcolm should have died instead of Hayes!!
No, dear... Remember, it shouldn't have been the Xindi in the first place, but the Romulans, and the so-called 'war' should have been over in 8 eps (I'll give you 10, but it should have been over by mid-season.)

Remember, no Xindi, no MACOs; no MACOs, no Hayes; no Hayes, no problem!

The actor who played Hayes was rather wooden; he only acted to cause a (usually) negative reaction from LtCmdr Reed, and check the early episodes: Hayes and the MACOs were supposed to have been under LtCmdr Reed's direct command. I'm sorry, but if *I* had a subordinate officer behaving like Hayes, he'd be charged with insubordination in a heartbeat--and, if I'm not mistaken, insubordination during wartime is considered sedition at least, or treason at worst. And yes, Malcolm Reed was supposed to have been a LtCmdr, and his rank was changed less than eight weeks before filming started (or that is the rumor on some boards).

Anyway, you should know better than to say such incendiary things to me! You know I'm Malcolm's cheerleader! Read my sig, Yanks, and then read it again!

I probably should add:

Frodo lives! Spock lives! Trip lives! Malcolm gets promoted!
This coming from someone that attacks my girl?

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