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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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STID would have been a home run for me if Kirk stayed dead, Spock's external pain was simply confined to his eyes, Khan escaped and Spock gave that speech. Four little things which could have been done in the last fifteen minutes or so. They fumbled the ending and robbed it of its meaning and power, which sadly cast a shadow on the rest of the film.
I'm not sure I'm here.

I can see what your saying. If you going to do it, then go all the way! (I thinking that's what you are implying)

I don't want Kirk dead, and most certainly don't want another rehash of an old movie.

I want them all alive and some original writing!!

Enterprising Young Men!!!! ... n-$hit...
I too cringed through the entire Kirk death sequence. For me the way to make this both an homage and freshly EPIC would have been for them to trick Khan into 'going in there' and have that be the END of him. No magic blood, no wondering if he'll be back. Pay tribute, do something DIFFERENT, and move on...
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